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Why Choose Sovereign Digital?

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Trusted &


Decades of combined experience in Professional Investment Management, Operations and Client Service

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Seamless account opening process. Live, in person, over-the-phone, or online full service support

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Diverse digital asset strategies designed to meet every investment objective in the crypto-universe

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Client data is always kept privare. Client assets are held at a regulated custodian with institutional grade security

About Sovereign Digital

Crypto is the newest and fastest growing investment market, with its own risks and challenges, which have to be understood in order to invest in this market effectively.

Over the last several years, as the interest and inquiries about digital assets from clients grew, Gary Korolev saw the need for a pure Digital Asset Portfolio Management solution. To respond to this needs, Gary founded Sovereign Digital. We created Sovereign Digital to meet the needs of private and institutional investors, taking advantage of our traditional investment expertise and combining it with the best resources in the Digital Asset space.

The result is a solid, well diversified, professionally managed and monitored digital asset portfolio, tailored to each investors specific needs and risk appetite.

Sovereign Digital Investment Strategy

The Sovereign Crypto Investment Strategy in its overall design is similar to a traditional well-diversified stock or bond investment strategy. Based on fundamental and technical research Sovereign assesses what are the most established digital assets with the most promising outlooks and greatest liquidity, and allocates them in the portfolio taking into account overall weighting relative to the rest of the digital asset market as well each protocol's weighing in its sector of the digital assets space.


There are four main sectors of the crypto asset market:

Blockchain Oracles, or software which links smart contracts to the outside world. Chainlink is the perceived leader in this space

➤ Digital store of value. Bitcoin is the market leader in this space

General purpose smart contracts. Ethereum is the market leader in this space

 Defi. Uniswap is the market leader in this space

Just like the stock market has its well-established sectors, such as Financials, Industrials, Technology, and Energy, with leaders in each sector, so does the crypto asset market.

Given the volatility and the young age of the nascent crypto market, our strategy is to diversify among the different sectors of the digital asset universe, and invest primarily in the "blue chip" assets in the space.

The strategy involves gathering research from several specialist research firms with deep expertise in the digital asset space, combining this information with our own research to develop a sound, well diversified digital asset portfolio.

Sovereign's Digital P³ Mission:



Sovereign Digital offers an advanced risk-aware portfolio solution to crypto investors. Asset management, security, and compliance, are areas as critical for cryptos as they are for any other financial asset. We are committed to addressing these challenges at every level: from portfolio design and compliance processes through to customer service.



Sovereign Digital is commited to integrating crypto into private and institutional investment portfolios. Our easy-to-use solutions are your go-to destination for crypto-related assets. Our investment process is designed to seek out potential new leaders in the digital asset space, and monitor them for possible timely addition to client portfolios.



Cryptocurrency investing provides investors with new potential opportunities that traditional investments don't provide, but it also comes with new risks. Sovereign adheres to the highest privacy and online security standards in the industry and monitors its partner service providers to make sure they do the same.

Meet Sovereign's Digital Team

Gary Korolev, CFA has used his over 15 years of experience with firms such as Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, Charles Schwab and Sovereign, to build a competent, well-rounded team, able to properly serve Digital Asset Management clients, while providing them with the option of having their traditional Investment Management, Estate Planning, Insurance and Retirement Planning needs conveniently met under the same roof at Sovereign Wealth Management.

Gary has a Bachelor's Degree in Finance from the University of Florida, is a Chartered Financial Analyst and holds the General Securities (Series 7), as well as the Investment Advisor Representative (Series 66) licenses. 

Gary believes his multicultural background (having been born in Soviet Union and immigrating to the United States with his family as a political refugee) helps provide him with a valuable perspective when it comes to investing in different financial, geographic and political environments, and understand how they may affect the current investment landscape and opportunities for clients of Sovereign Digital.

Gary resides in the Washington DC Metro Area with his wife, son and daughter. When not working, Gary enjoys spending time with his family and friends, learning about history, geopolitics, as well as weightlifting, Mixed Martial Arts and travel.

Gary Korolev

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Principal/Digital Asset Manager

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