Market conditions, regulation and other external issues may lead to several risks and significant cryptocurrency price volatility. Our clients must agree and understand that their exposure to, and usage of cryptocurrency is at their own risk.
Among these risks are the risk of loss in trading Digital Assets. These losses may be substantial and may occur over a short period of time. The value of cryptocurrency may be derived from the continued willingness of market players to exchange fiat currency or Digital Assets for Digital Assets. It may result in the potentially permanent and total loss of value of a particular Digital Asset. Transactions in Digital Assets may be irreversible, and due to fraudulent or accidental transactions, losses may not be recoverable. Some Digital Asset transactions shall be deemed to be made when recorded on a public ledger. Meanwhile, it is not necessarily the date or time that you initiated the transaction. Price and liquidity of Digital Assets has been subject to large fluctuations in the past, and may be even larger in the future.

The nature of Digital Assets may also prompt an expanded danger of hacker attack, or fraud.

Digital Assets are not legal tender and not backed by government. The legislative and regulatory gap and governmental aim to close these gaps via changes or actions at the state, federal, or international level may affect the applications, transfers, exchange rate, and value of Digital Assets. Problems may appear if in client’s jurisdiction Gemini is not recognized and regulated as a financial institution. Furthermore, deposits into their Digital Asset Account and Fiat Account may not be considered deposits under the applicable laws and rules. Also, Fiat currency or Digital Assets may not be subject to applicable deposit insurance protection.

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